A child of the 60s and 70s, Mark grew up fascinated with how television could create powerful emotions and connections.

He started his career in local TV News in the early 1980’s and later landed a job as a producer at CBS News. His assignments included live sports coverage of several NCAA Final Fours, a number of World Series’ and the 1994 Winter Olympics in Norway. It also required he cover earthquakes, hurricanes, plane crashes and later a presidential campaign.

In 1996, he made a decision to point his career in a more positive direction. He started the television production company Destination Hope and launched a nationally syndicated TV show by the same name.

Destination Hope aired for 52 weeks and reached hundreds of thousands of viewers with stories of hope and inspiration. The show is no longer in production. But the production company it spawned is alive and well 20+ years later.

Today, Destination Hope goes by the name DHTV Digital….the ‘DH’ for Destination Hope, acting as a constant reminder of why the company was created and its continued focus. Over the past two decades, DHTV Digital has created television programs, short films and videos for clients around the world.

Some look at corporate video and think it has nothing to do with hope and inspiration. But anyone who’s put their sweat and passion into building or running a business knows it has everything to do with staying hopeful and finding a way to inspire.

It’s what drove Mark to take a leap of faith and start Destination Hope LLC. And it’s what DHTV Digital continues to demand of itself today for all of it’s clients and partners.

Here are some of Mark’s passion projects:

Mark on film shoot for the documentary 'Combined'.