Reliable Execution, No Excuses

Webcasting is one of those things that should be pretty simple. Hey, let’s get a camera and a laptop and open a free Ustream account, right?  That works fine if all you need is a ‘better than nothing’ broadcast.

But if the webcast is a pay-per-view program, a special event broadcast, a promotional video or the centerpiece of a client’s presentation to multiple U.S. and global offices, that’s when it’s time to bring in someone with experience. 

Webcasting is simple when everything goes right. But everything rarely goes right – at least not without a team focused on anticipating the problems and fixing them before they arise.  We’ve done everything from one camera single stream training video sessions to multi camera, switched broadcasts of national championship sporting events.

When you need a ‘no excuses’ webcast, contact DHTV digital