She loves the farm, but refuses to abandon her dreams of acting. Rachel Crane’s passion for both require she live a life ‘COMBINED’. Written and Directed by Mark Honer, this documentary short is currently screening at U.S. film festivals.

DHTV Digital Kansas City wants to help bring your creative vision to life as a documentary.

DHTV Digital takes great pride in its documentary production. As an independent film production company, we enjoy the process of crafting a compelling and impactful story. Some of the stories we produce for theatrical and television distribution are our own ideas. A case study of our latest film, Town Teams: Bigger than Baseball, is detailed below. But we have taken on projects written and produced by outside independent filmmakers and even some businesses. If it’s a great story, we want in. Call us at 913-262-7800 to discuss your ideas. Here are a few of our past productions:

Town Teams: Bigger Than Baseball


Town Teams: Bigger than Baseball is a documentary short (40 minutes) that examines the players, the fans, the rivalries, and the impact of town team baseball in Kansas in the early 1900's. Virtually every town, no matter how small, had a baseball team. And on Sunday afternoons, after working 60-70 hours, the men of the town would put on their uniforms and play ball. For most, there was no pay and no shot at the majors. It was just for the love of the game.  

Town Teams examines why amateur and semi-pro baseball exploded in popularity. The film explains how baseball became the ‘social media’ of its time. It connected people through athletic competition. But it grew to become much ‘Bigger than Baseball’ as towns across the state competed for highways, county seats, and economic development.

Town Teams: Bigger than Baseball Official Trailer