A film by Mark Honer

COMBINED is a story about being torn between your passion and your responsibility. Rachel Crane has struggled to make it as an actor in Los Angeles. But running a massive wheat farm is as natural as riding a bike.

The wheat farm near Larned, Kansas has been in the Crane family for almost 150 years. Now faced with the inevitability of her father’s retirement, she must soon make a choice. Acting or Farming.

Rachel’s passion for both requires she live a life COMBINED. From her home in  L.A., she handles the books for the multi million dollar farm operation in central Kansas. Instead of picking one over the other, she’s fighting to keep her acting career alive while she runs the family business 14-hundred miles away.

What makes this story unique, is how Rachel has somehow managed to marry these two very opposite worlds. And as long as she’s able to live this ‘Combined’ life, she can put off the gut wrenching decision that awaits her.

COMBINED Documentary Trailer

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