Bryce Benlon grew up consuming large volumes of film, television and YouTube videos. His ability to recall film and television trivia stretches back to far before he was born, and quite frankly, is a little freakish.

He learned the basics of our craft at the Kansas City Art Institute. But like many digital artists, he’s mostly self-taught. Bryce spent ten years doing ENG freelance work for the broadcast networks covering national news events and professional sports like the Royals and the Chiefs. 

Bryce spent most of his early years with creative peers at his side, a camcorder in hand, and an idea in mind. Whether it was for a good laugh or simply just to learn new tricks, he was always the kid with his finger on the record button.

He picked up a lot by watching his father, Paul, work his way through a 40-year career in television. It’s true what they say about pedigree – you can learn by living with and watching a true professional.

Bryce in Studio

One thing Bryce definitely got from his dad was his quirky and sometimes brilliant sense of humor. Bryce is the guy you want on your film set to keep things relaxed and fun, which is an important part of DHTV Digital’s culture. We sometimes wonder why Bryce isn’t doing standup comedy. But his comedic chops have proven practical when we’re brainstorming and writing humorous sketches and vignettes for our clients.

His personal projects include the documentary short, ‘Fisher of Men’, which premiered at the Kansas International Festival, and was featured on the television show ‘Cinema KC’. He’s currently working on ‘Release’, a film about the Kansas City poetry community.

As DHTV Digital’s Senior Editor, Bryce spends much of his time editing a weekly national television show for our client, Hiring America. But all of our clients benefit from his talents as an editor, animator, sound designer, and videographer.

“Release” Documentary - March, 2019