A warm praise for the Club

by Bryce Benlon


If you're familiar with our usual goings on at DHTV DIgital, then you'll know the Boys and Girls Club of America are an organization that we consider a friend, and one we see frequently, at that.

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For those who don't know about the fine people of the Boys and Girls Club, it is an organization that started in 1860 by three women, and extends to today, holding stronger than ever their original cause: to keep young men and women off of the streets, out of trouble, and in an environment where they can be educated, supported, challenged, and most of all to ensure a bright and promising future. 

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The central focus on this project was nothing short of congratulatory, as a small handful of sponsors joined together to give praise to those who are responsible for what Boys and Girls Club of America is today. Community America, DST, and NASB to name a few, shared their own gratefulness and thanks, as well as Don Wagner (right) representing he and his wife Jean for the Don & Jean Wagner charitable Foundation.

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The Boys and Girls Club's own Dave Smith (left) is also being recognized for his continuing impact. Dave has nurtured and guided young lives for the past 25 years. Here's the shocker though: Smith's story with the Boys and Girls Club didn't begin as a leader - he was a club kid himself. Who better to know the very core of this organization than someone who spent his formative years there himself?

The lives affected by the Boys and Girls Club of America, and by extension everybody involved, are truly a blessing to be had, and would not be where they are today without their help and care.

And as for us, we're proud as always to continue to help share their story, as well as be a part of it.