Road Trip from H.......

by Mark Honer


This is not a photo of either Todd or I at KCI. But we kinda felt like this dude crashed on the floor a couple of different times this week.  We were headed out for a fairly complicated road trip; four film shoots in five days. 

The plan was Houston, LA, Las Vegas and Dallas.  We got up at 3:30 in the morning to make our 6:30 am flight to Houston. After settling in for the flight(United), I noticed that the cockpit door was open and there was no pilot in the left seat.  A few minutes later the people from the friendly skies informed us that the plane we were sitting on had been written up for a repair last night but that no one had done the repair.  "You never should have been boarded onto this plane, and I'm very sorry but we're going to have to fly a part in from Chicago and this flight will be delayed until this afternoon."  

This is the kind of explanation you imagine when you're swearing under your breath at an airline - any airline - for making you late or screwing up your schedule. It's just rare to actually hear them admit that they screwed you.

There were 3 other flights booked and three more canceled this day(United and Southwest) so we ended up skipping the Houston shoot and decided to start instead in Los Angeles. Long story short, we crashed in LA(as in reached our hotel and collapse - not the other kind of crash) after a 21 hour day...and we hadn't shot a second of film. Can you say unproductive? :)

Sometimes you eat the bear and sometimes the bear eats you.