Great futures start here

by Bryce Benlon

Waking up to join the early birds in rush hour traffic: Check.

Spending most of the morning out in weather hot enough to match your body temperature: Done.

Filming a heartwarming commercial with unforgettable people and an inspiring message that changes lives: Sign us up.

Shooting day was finally upon us, and the sun shone bright. The DHTV Digital team assembled in Independence, MO on Thursday, to spend the day with Boys and Girls Club of America, (KC chapter) and put together a commercial that shows the world just what they're about.

The Boys and Girls Club of America is a national organization of local chapters which provide after-school programs for young people. But there is far more to their plan than just a simple mission statement. They mentor, they offer genuine support and understanding, and they inspire.

Many children have a lot of potential but lack the right opportunity to reach it. And fault doesn't always play a roll, sometimes that's just how the chips fall. And that's where the Boys and Girls Club of America comes in - they give a new chance of hope, a new path to a better future.

Our team had an extremely rewarding day with a vast pallet of talented volunteers who were eager-to-play and happy to be a part of the production.

What you see on your screen sometimes might be a 30 second "one-shot take", but the effort and planning that goes into that final 30 seconds can take a lot of coordination. And these kids nailed it with flying colors.

To sum it up: planning & prep, standing in the heat, shooting take-after-take until it's just right - its all worth it at the end of the day. Because nothing tops meeting the people we get to work with.


Mark Honer working with the younger kids to coordinate one of this centuries most innovative karaoke numbers known to man


Senior D.P. Todd Norris preparing for the one-shot-take with our narrator Janese of the Boys and Girls Club (left to right: Todd Norris, Brock Masters, Mark Honer, Janese)


A hot day and a quality shot requires a lot of care, including blocking the camera and the videographer from the sun. Thanks to Isaac Honer for lending more than a hand. (left to right) Brock Masters, Isaac Honer, Todd Norris, Mark Honer)


Back in the recording booth with Janese for the final voice over recordings that will play over the commercial (from left: Brock Masters, Mark Honer, Janese)


The kids get ready for another take of singing and dancing, lit by Bryce Benlon