The pre-run

by Bryce Benlon

Of course all of your favorite movies, shows, or photo shoots weren't done without a little location scouting beforehand.  

As with any other quality production, there is a good amount of homework done before shooting day begins. So you've gotten past the pitch stage, rolled out a nice shiny script, but now what? Location, location, location. 

What good would Star Wars have been if Lucas had only filmed it in his garage? (Okay, before green screen took all the credit). How effective would Jaws have been if it were filmed in someone's back yard pool? Imagine the wizard of Oz, without Oz. Yeah, we can't either. 

Theres more than just finding the right location, though. What do you do once you've found your spot?  You map out a pre-run.

Checking how the ideas you've written translate to on-screen, seeing how the timing flows on set. Getting the proper angles and composition down. Looking for any and every possible hiccup that you may encounter on shooting day, so that you have yourself covered no. matter. what. Leave no stone unturned.  

At the end of the day, the pre-run process is once again just every bit as important as the final piece itself. Without it, extraordinary just becomes ordinary- missing that little extra. 


These are some photos from a location scout we did for an upcoming public service announcement we're producing for Boys and Girls Club of Kansas City.