Sometimes, Making Movies is Just Fun

When I was young, I always dreamed of a job that's interesting, sometimes exciting, always challenging, and fun. Making short films for business clients and for public consumption is all of the above. Like all jobs, some days in the video production business are just better than others. Today was one of those days.

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We worked with a first time actor named Ava Selzer. She's a competitive diver for the St. Thomas Aquinas swim team. Lovely young lady, excellent athlete and a million dollar smile. 

We will go wherever we are needed to get the shots we need - that's dedication

Our crew was working at indoor pool at the Gladstone Community Center. It's a beautiful facility with wonderful light pouring in from outside which fills the room with an aqua glow. DP Todd Norris, and lighting techs Bryce Benlon and Isaac Honer and I all spent the morning shooting slow-motion sequences of Ava showing off her skills on the diving board.

A shoot like this doesn't go fast. To get the great shots, each camera position has to be lit. And your talent has to be patient and professional. It's so much easier when you're working with someone like Ava. And at the end of the day, we captured some great shots.

bringing a monitor on a shoot is key, so we or our clients can decide whether our project is top notch or not
Senior DP Todd Norris adjusting the white balance while our diver/actress awaits her next action

Thanks again to our crew, our location, and our talent for a great shoot that was a lot of fun.