There's No Such Thing as, 'It's Just an Interview'

By Bryce Benlon, Digital Editor-DHTV Digital

When the mandate is, 'making people look good', every element of story production is critical. Our clients, and prospective clients, see our work or the work of other high quality video production companies and assume the interview is the easiest part. 

It seems pretty simple, right?  Sit the interview subject in a room, put the camera on a tripod, point the camera at him and roll. But even when it’s just an interview, ESPECIALLY when it’s an interview, there are many considerations.


Many interviews can be geared towards the same goal - but no two interviews are the same, and should be treated as their own life.

This is our first consideration – lighting. Does the room have a lot of windows? Fluorescent lights? Does light come in from sources we can’t control? Is there access to power outlets nearby? These questions help us decide if we need to supplement the readily available light, or if we should eliminate all light sources and set up our own. Typically, the answer is both. Production companies in Kansas City and elsewhere have spent countless hours blacking out windows before a film shoot. Bottom line our job is to 'make people look good'.


The second thing we look for is, what is visually interesting about the space? Sometimes all a good production calls for is colorful décor and props. We have walked into many beige, blank walled conference rooms. Artwork, tables, plants, and chairs can really make a difference and give an interview some visual interest. But sometimes there’s just no other option than a boring four-wall room.  When this happens, we find ways to make a space interesting. DHTV Digital’s artists have lots of tricks tucked away in all those hard cases you see us hauling in.  Sometimes we can use lighting to add some variety to the video backdrop. When all is said and done our job is to 'make people look good'.

Sometimes we get to work with stars on the field, like Mike Morin of the Los Angeles Angels, thanks to our partnered company All Star Video Sports. Just another part of our job that makes work, not so much work.


The third issue is sound. No matter how nice an interview looks, it will not be a quality video if the sound is terrible. One often overlooked problem in video production is air conditioning. Production companies continually find themselves asking their client these questions:  can the air conditioning be turned off in this room; are there cubicles or offices adjacent to the room that may make noise; is there nearby traffic that is going to make recording difficult?  Great audio means more than just using high quality(re: expensive) equipment - which we do. It's really about eliminating any distracting noise. Anything that takes the focus away from the story or the message is a distraction that can break the viewer's attention. If we can control these conditions, we can use our equipment to guarantee even higher quality audio with no distractions.

A look around before production shooting can really help ensure the final product is as polished as can be. With nice lighting, interesting visuals, and clean sound, DHTV Digital can guarantee our clients will love everything about their final product, and you guessed it, 'make them look good'.